How Well Do You Know Your Title Company?

Caught up in the monthly cycles of business?

We understand.  As a mortgage professional, it’s often difficult to find time to focus on partner relationships.  As a national title company, we share many of the same cycles fulfilling monthly title orders and closings for our clients. Month end is a focus for all in the mortgage industry, but developing strong partner relationships is important.

Knowing is everything.

Moving ahead of the pack is never an easy task and the management team of First Title & Escrow clearly understands. That is why it is important for you to read the upcoming posts and participate actively. First Title & Escrow is a national title company pioneer in the title industry and this position could have only been achieved by listening intently to our customers and partnering with them. So move ahead of the pack and read the upcoming posts with the goal of creating solid operational strategies that will provide you with excellent returns again and again.

Gain the knowledge you need from a nationwide title company.

Over the next several weeks, First Title will be sharing what we understand as the top 10 questions to explore with your title partners. Each week our blog will focus on a particular question you might want to find time to ask your partners. At the same time we will share our perspective on what First Title understands is important in the partnership for Mortgage Originators, Mortgage Servicers, Realtors and Brokers. Weekly, we will address such topics applicable to mortgage industry from both a regional perspective and a national perspective. Everything from discussing the importance of the right fit with your title company’s underwriters, E&O coverage, reports that support and improve your business process, staffing experience you should look for and most important the technology in the title industry and its significance in building and supporting your mortgage strategies.

Join in on the conversation!

If you never had the time to really dig into understanding how well you know your title company, this series of blog posts will be just right for you. We encourage feedback and exchange throughout the series and looks forward to helping you explore the top 10 questions that will assist you with pursuing growth opportunities and support your business strategies. You can also check out the latest First Title & Escrow updates by visiting our social media pages:


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