A National Title Company, Industry Leader and Pioneer

First Title & Escrow was the first to provide an Instant HUD-1 settlement statement. We were also the first national title company to interface our closing cost system into the GFE of a loan origination platform. Being first is how we maintain our status as trailblazers in the national title industry. With an intense focus on mentoring our clients, our goal is to create solid operational strategies that will provide excellent returns again and again. Our innovation and comprehensive knowledge of the industry have afforded us the perspective our clients need in a title and closing partnerd.

Who We Are: First Title & Escrow as a National Title Company

First Title is a technology-focused thought leader in the title industry. We are a national title company with headquarters in the Washington, D.C. area and regional locations that serve clients nationwide. Unlike traditional title agencies, we provide strategic consulting, tried and tested technology, and personalized services to some of the nation’s top real estate organizations. We maintain an eye on results and tailor our methods to bring our clients greater value and profitability. Central to accomplishing these lofty goals is our proprietary technology FirstVision®, which reduces turn times and cuts inefficiency, thus delivering superior outcomes for our clients.

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

The cornerstone of First Title is our technology, our veteran staff, and a flexibility that can be seen at all levels of the organization. “Plan your work and work your plan.” This is what we live by. True efficiency (and the profitability that comes with it) is the result of carrying out a thorough plan created with the guidance of experts.

Our Corporate Code of Conduct Makes Our Clients Winners

The success of First Title as a national title company is galvanized by our core beliefs. We are able to maintain our prestigious ranking as a leading national title company because we run our agency by the following principles: Explore our title services, consulting services, and technology to discover why First Title is the right fit for your organization. Call us today at 866-484-8537 or request a free consultation to learn more.