First Title Capabilities

First Title is a leading national title company serving some of the largest corporations in the real estate industry.

Our results-driven approach, industry knowledge, and efficient use of software set us apart in the industry as the leading national title company to best service you.


At First Title, our fascination with technology started over a decade ago. Our flagship end-to-end proprietary technology, FirstVision®, included the nation’s first instant GFE and closing cost calculator. We were the first to provide an Instant HUD-1 within the Calyx platform and the first to populate our GFEs with exact title, closing, and recording fees inside Ellie Mae, Encompass, Wipro NetOxygen, and Integra Destiny. We have stayed on the industry’s cutting edge and are still providing clients with all applicable mortgage taxes and fees at the point of origination. Automation, self-population, and streamlined processing are the foundation of our technological benefits. Whether providing process consultation; assisting clients’ IT, operations, sales, and production departments identify technological advantages such as integration resources; or taking advantage of existing origination platform technology to optimize workflow—we consistently succeed in maximizing our clients’ returns through technological planning. The ultimate outcome of our progressive methods is a greater economy of scale, less waste, higher employee satisfaction, and greater ROI. No other national title company can beat us. We always finish first.          


At First Title, we don’t have a process. We have many processes that are all built around our individual clients. We listen to the voice of the customer to craft unique products that serve their individual business models. Our sophisticated process mapping helps create a streamlined workflow by leveraging our technology. The result is a custom-tailored, client-focused process map that fits the needs of our clients and incorporates FirstVision® —all leading to a smooth process dynamic and the highest levels of quality and efficiency.


The First Title advantage goes far beyond technology and process improvement. Our title veterans conduct extensive due diligence on our prospective clients’ needs and then “bridge the gap” by educating them about how best to integrate our technology into their way of doing business. The experience and knowledge of our unparalleled team allows us to create a productive and collaborative environment. By fashioning joint strategies and keeping daily operations consistent with these strategies, we get the job done more easily and efficiently than any other national title company. Our experience promotes consistently healthy working relationships between our veteran teams and those in our clients’ organizations. Explore our title services, technology, and consulting services to discover why First Title is the right national title company for your organization! Call us today at 866-484-8537 or request a free consultation.