Title Professionals

Our team of title professionals are our most valuable assets

First Title & Escrow was founded in 1997 by a group of title professionals united by their passion for providing excellent title and closing services. Using technological innovation and exceptional customer care, they strove to build a company that would improve the title and closing experience for its clients.

Those founders have overseen its expansion from a regional to a national agency and, at the same time, guided the evolution of FirstVision®, from its first iteration over a decade ago, throughout its numerous enhancements, updates, and integrations, to the product that our clients know today.

The commitment of First Title’s leadership has made the advancements it has achieved over the years possible. First Title’s management has grown together and shares a cohesive vision of First Title’s past, present, and future. By combining a national scope with a management team that has been working together for fifteen years, First Title & Escrow provides a unique value to those seeking title and closing services.

But the excellence of First Title’s staff of professionals doesn’t stop at management. At First Title & Escrow, we know that an effective team is one of the most valuable assets a company can have. The skills, creativity, and dedication of an organization’s personnel are the foundation of many of its other positive qualities. That’s why we have worked hard to create a culture and infrastructure that nurture and cultivate our employees. Our scalability and technological innovation have contributed greatly to our success at providing a stable work environment for our staff. Maturity is one of our core values; we place heavy emphasis on the professionalism and knowledge of all our employees. The end result is a better experience for our clients and partners.

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