Title Consulting Solutions

Let us put our consulting expertise to work for you

In the real estate industry, efficiency is paramount. Decreasing cycle times—while maintaining top-level quality—is the key to a profitable business model. Many companies believe that simply pushing their staff to perform tasks quicker is sufficient. This assumption is wrong because it neglects to address the framework in which employees are operating. No amount of human resources development will make up for the wastage caused by an ineffective process flow. We are known for our consulting solutions. That’s why we’re always first.

The best way for a company to stay competitive in a changing market is to place a heavy emphasis on the continuous evolution of its business practices. Management should always look at their business with an eye toward improvement. Every step of the way should be mapped out in detail and scrutinized for inefficiency.

Which tasks require heavy judgment, and which should be automated? How could strategic integration cut out unnecessary steps? Is intellectual capital being wasted on tasks that would be better outsourced or delegated? Which new technologies should the company implement? By addressing questions like these, First Title & Escrow helps its partners craft a better way of organizing their business. The final result is cut costs, increased productivity, and a higher bottom line.

First Title & Escrow is in a unique position to guide such improvements because of our history of industry leadership in the process improvement field. Our software FirstVision® used automation to improve what was considered at the time to be industry best practices. Our passion for business improvement has led us to offer consultation services in addition to our regular title and closing services. When we take on new clients, we engage them, coming to a full understanding of their methodology so that we can know how we can best help them optimize their business.

At First Title & Escrow, we view our clients as business partners. That’s why we work with them to create a leaner, more effective way of doing business. To find out more about how First Title & Escrow can help you take full advantage of your resources, contact us today by calling 866-484-8537 or requesting a free consultation.