Traditional Title v. First Title – Clients Come First

First Title Puts Valuing the Customer Back into the Equation

The value we bring to the table is our focus on clients’ organizational needs. We address these needs in each step of our process and on all levels of our organization. Our integrations with Ellie Mae, Encompass, Integra Destiny, and Wipro NetOxygen illustrate our commitment to efficiency and ease. We strive to consistently deliver exceptional service as our clients’ collaborative partner.

The table below illustrates the differences between the First Title method and the way “old fashioned” title agencies do business.

Customer Centric Focused internally
Focused on Technology and Process Preoccupied with the Quantity of Employees
Encourages Collaboration Discourages Client Participation
Builds Transparent Strategic Alliances Desires Secrecy and Control
Provides Full Accountability Does Not Accept Responsibility For Error
Forward Thinking Content with “the Way it Was Always Done”
Flexibility of Customizable Processes “One Process Fits All” Attitude
Proprietary Technology Third party Software Supplier
One Stop Shop Limited Services
Tech-Savvy Use Inefficient Methods
Offers Fully Scalable Solutions More Comfortable with Certain Methods

Summary of First Title Advantages

The First Title process delivers significant value to our clients. Our value propositions include:

• Providing a client-focused perspective

• Measuring and managing performance with process maps that are the results of objective, carefully research metrics

• Facilitating interactive communications through an intuitive, easy-use web portal

• Providing replicable and predictable results based upon historical performance

• Developing processes more efficiently with exemplary execution

• Providing cost savings through efficiency

• Integrating fully with no disruption to client process

To learn more about the First Title advantage, call us today at 866-484-8537 or request a free consultation.