First Title Technology

FirstVision®: Customized and Integrated for a Seamless Transaction

Technology is becoming more sophisticated every year, and you need a partner who can keep pace. At First Title, innovation is one of our core values. We were the first to provide Instant HUD-1 documents inside the Calyx Platform and the first to populate our GFEs with exact title, closing, and recording fees inside Ellie Mae, Encompass, Integra Destiny, and Wipro NetOxygen interfaces. We are always re-evaluating our methods to discover faster, surer, and more efficient ways of processing our transactions. Our proprietary software, FirstVision®, is designed for easy customization and integration, thus ensuring unparalleled speed and accuracy. The ultimate result is a simple, sleek closing process.

Automation and self-population lie at the heart of our technological advantage. By automating or semi-automating all tasks that don’t require heavy judgment, we ensure none of the players involved waste a single keystroke. This commitment to efficiency isn’t anything new: in 2003, we were the first title agency in the nation to provide Instant HUD-1 settlement statements (a service we still provide). We were also the first to integrate our closing system to provide GFEs in our client’s own loan origination platforms and the first to provide an automatic nationwide closing cost calculator.

Our status as one of the most forward-thinking agencies in the industry continues. Our title insurance, closing cost, recordation and transfer tax calculation system provides the speed and accountability our clients need to move forward confidently. We send automatic email confirmations of orders moments after they are submitted, along with our exclusive Instant HUD-1. Furthermore, we send automated e-mail updates upon the completion of process milestones. FirstVision® is accessible 24 hours a day for online ordering and real-time tracking, and our software features instant endorsement generation, closing protection letter production, and closing management. We provide such vendor services as credit information products, flood determination, and appraisal management in FirstVision®, making our centralized platform a one-stop-shop for your real estate transaction needs. We remain committed to the constant improvement our partners need to stay ahead.

Instead of asking our clients to conform to our way of doing things, we tailor our method for each individual client using FirstVision®. Each organization takes a different approach to doing business, and our tech-savvy title and closing professionals consult with clients to discover how we can best fall in step with their process. We have the ability to integrate into our client’s closing platforms for an even more seamless closing, and are fully integrated with Calyx, Encompass, and other loan origination platforms. Plan your work and work your plan: setting up excellent business practice from the beginning promotes the continuous profitability of greater speed and accuracy.

To find out more about how FirstVision® can transform your company’s relationship with the closing process, call First Title today at 866-484-8537 or request a free consultation.