Appraisal Management Services

Quality Valuations Made Easy… So You Can Move Forward

Accurate appraisals are an indispensable part of the lending process, and lenders must be absolutely sure of the quality of valuations before moving forward in the process. As regulations become increasingly stringent, lenders are finding managing their own appraisal team more and more onerous. Obtaining accurate home valuations through industry best practices takes time and resources that many lenders feel could be more fruitfully channeled elsewhere, yet they must be certain that their valuation is of superior quality. Our appraisal management services are one of our revered services offered.

Let Us Handle It For You

At First Title, we provide the added value of a comprehensive package of residential and commercial appraisal management services designed to meet your underwriter’s specifications with speed and accuracy. We impose meticulous quality standards on our independent agents, who must meet FHLMC/FNMA, FIRREA, and FHA regulatory guidelines, in addition to those imposed by federal and state governments. We offer both automated and traditional valuations, depending on the specific needs of our clients. We have a panel of experienced appraisers on staff that reviews all appraisals for compliance, and we monitor quality standards through multi-point checklists, desktop reviews, and field reviews. First Title’s commitment to customizable products extends to our appraisal services, and we provide a wide array of quality products that meet the top standards of quality. We are committed to providing lenders with fast, accurate appraisal services, thus allowing them to make speedy, profitable decisions.

Appraisal Products

First Title can provide you with the following appraisal products: Exterior and interior (full) appraisals (1004) Summary one-family appraisal (2005) Drive by appraisal (704) AVM (Automated Valuation Models) Property analysis reports Desk and field review appraisals Foreclosure and REO appraisals Broker price opinion

Appraiser Quality Control

First Title requires that its independent appraisers comply with its strict quality guidelines, including: Compliance with FHLMC/FNMA, FIRREA, FHA and federal and state regulatory guidelines Proper license and certifications References from third party sources To learn more about how our appraisal management services can simplify your business, call us today at 866-484-8537 or request a free consultation.