Flood and Credit Services

Flood Determinations

Flood hazard determinations are a vital part of the closing process. We at First Title offer fast, superior quality flood determinations. Whether your order requires a manual search or otherwise, we consistently provide fast, reliable service. Our system can integrate seamlessly into client’s loan origination software, and we can customize our delivery method to best suit your way of doing business. Whether you need a basic determination or a life-of-loan service that tracks changes in flood zones and keeps tabs on the status of all properties, we have the solution for you. Let us take care of flood determination for you. Not only do we guarantee full accuracy (backed by full errors and omissions insurance), but our clients can gain the peace of mind of having a one-stop-shop that eliminates the complications of dealing with multiple vendors.

Credit Services

Accurate credit information is imperative for lenders performing a closing. At First Title, we can create reports in seconds using information from TransUnion, Equifax, and/or Experian. Our report can be fully customized to meet all specifications, presenting clients with exactly the information they need to move forward. We can also integrate our systems into your underwriting systems or loan origination software, making the process even easier. By letting us manage these services, you can be assured of timelier, more accurate services that increase your bottom line. To learn more about our services, call us today at 866-484-8537 or request a free consultation.