Close Simple – SMS Messaging and Mobile Transaction Tracker

Enhanced real time transaction and messaging.

There is no easier way to increase the satisfaction of your clients during the closing process than to clearly communicate the steps of their process. CloseSimple enables First Title to directly communicate to consumers as well as agents and lenders, what is happening on their journey to the closing table by SMS text message or email instantly.

No longer do you or your customers have to guess where in the process your transactions are. Nor do you have to call to discover if your transactions have moved to a new step in the process (though we always welcome your calls). 

Demand an efficient and real-time experience and elevate your overall customer satisfaction with real-time transaction updates. Who knows, it may leave such a positive impression, it could result in referrals.


Instant SMS and Email Transaction Updates

Track Transaction Process Quickly

Cross The Finish Line Fully In The Loop

Track your closing as easy as an evening pizza delivery.