Collaborative Closing Disclosure and UCD Export

Get your Closing Disclosure completed in minutes not hours! Get a complete and accurate Closing Disclosure, every time.

First Title’s Closing Disclosure technology replaces the manual and error-prone process of traditional fee collaboration with a fully automated solution. Instant Closing Disclosure automatically extracts the required data from relevant documents, creates a UCD format file and sends a completed settlement statement back to the lender – all in minutes.

“For title processors, a current pain point is the amount of time required to complete the Closing Disclosure and the fee matching involved,” said Pamela Gibbons, Chief Operating Officer for First Title. “We solve this because our technology enables them to spend less time manually reviewing, reconciling, updating, and validating fees. They can then process more files, in less time.”

Closing Initiated

Data Parsing Process Begins & UCD File Created

2 Minutes to Final CD