Encompass Integration

Ellie Mae Encompass has never had a better companion than First Title.

First Title is a fully automated Encompass integrated service provider, who has been meeting the demands of lenders in all 50 states for automated pricing since 2006 through Ellie Mae's Encompass Platform.

First Title's direct integration into Encompass allows lenders across the country to instantly generate exact title insurance, closing costs, transfer taxes, recording fees and APR indicator information into the Itemization, Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure in addition to delivery of the Preliminary CD, Title Commitment, CPL, Tax Certification, and Wiring Instructions and all Title and Closing pricing into the Encompass E-Folder. We are so confident in our integration that we guarantee all rates against tolerance cure violations.

It has never been this easy to fully automate pricing, order placement and document delivery. In a world where speed, accuracy, and exceptional service are paramount, First Title's Encompass Integration delivers Instant, Accurate, and Guaranteed results with ease.

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Instant Fee Generation

Important Closing Documents

Guaranteed Accurate

Directly Integrated into Ellie Mae Encompass

Supported by First Title

Secure and Compliant

100% Guaranteed Against Tolerance Cure Violations

You have no room for error in your transactions. That is why First Title's Encompass Integration will deliver for you at every stage of the process with 100% correct data every time. You can relax knowing that your transactions will move forward with efficiency, accuracy, and speed. Together we can change the way you think about your title and closing partner.