Equator Integration

Automating the default services process.

Equator® provides servicers the ability to automate their default servicing process and to connect with their vendors and agents electronically. Inside Equator, we can support Loan Modification, Short Sale, Deed-In-Lieu, Foreclosure, and REO for a complete end-to-end title and closing solution.

Our two-way technology integration with FirstVision™ helps support the provision of title and closing services in various markets for a GSE.

This integration provides tremendous efficiencies, automating various key tasks as they are performed, greatly reducing the processing time and likelihood for human error throughout the entire Title and Closing transaction process.

The integration is in place today for First Title to utilize in the provision of title and closing services in every state nationwide.


Automatically Send File Information to First Title

Title Report Viewable Directly in Equator

Automatically Generate Important Processing Documents