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Loss Mitigation and REO Solutions for Law Firms, Servicers, Government, and Infrastructure.

Foreclosures are set to rise at numbers not seen since the Great Recession as we discover the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. In preparation for the coming increase in foreclosure volume, First Title & Escrow is proud to offer a full suite of loss mitigation and REO solutions backed by decades of experience.

Short Sale

Short Sale

Foreclosure is always the plan of last resort. In order to avoid potential default, we work directly with the lender and real estate professionals to design and implement a short-sale plan or pre-foreclosure plan offering asset owners potential relief from their non-performing loans.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Property owners may be unaware of all of their options to avoid default. With the goal of mitigating loss for all parties, we work directly with the owner to secure alternatives such as Deed-in-Lieu and Cash for Keys when available.



Some properties are successfully recovered using alternatives to foreclosure while others will inevitably require the default process. First Title & Escrow has put our decades of foreclosure experience to work for you by streamlining both the loss mitigation and foreclosure processes so that you can seamlessly transition to the next necessary step with confidence.

Our Services

Sometimes Foreclosure cannot be avoided. We have the tools to help you process and manage defaults.

When foreclosure is imminent, a smooth processing of the property is key to the success of the default. Our Asset Managers are licensed Real Estate Agents who facilitate initial occupancy, marketing, contract negotiations, and final sale disposition on your foreclosures. We understand a market with high foreclosures can be demanding, we’ve seen it before. Because of this, we have built a solid foundation to earn your trust through efficient results.

Our Services Include:

  • Local Vetted REO Brokers

  • Nationwide Networks for BPO

  • Order Listing Broker BPO

  • Order Secondary Valuation from a Third Party

  • Accurate Reconciliation of All Market Data to Prepare Asset Marketing Plan to Include “AS IS” and Quick Sale Value

  • Asset Plan to Include Recommendations for Required Health and Safety Repairs

  • Monitor All Sales Activity and Make Marketing Recommendations to Boost Activity

  • Detailed Review and Negotiation of All Offers Received by Experienced REO Asset Manager within Preview of Delegated Authority

  • Full Oversight of Closing Function Including Contract Review within Limited POA

  • Title Procurement with Curative Assistance, Closing Agent Coordination and Facilitation

  • Review and Pr-Approval of HUD-1 Settlement Statement for Accuracy

  • Online Electronic Funds Transfer to Accelerate Proceed Distribution

  • Creation of Electronic Monthly Report Card of Broker Network to Measure Performance Standards and Reassess Strategy as Necessary

  • Creation of Daily Activity Reports for Management of Day to Day Operation of Asset Manager

  • Full Suite of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Monitoring Reports to Identify Strengths and Weaknesses by Asset Manager, Brokers, Asset Type, Geographic Area, and Several Other Variables to Insure Maximum Productivity from Operation

  • Web Based Client to Manage Owned Portfolio Including Pipeline Management Statistics for Month, Quarter, and Day of Acquisition at the Pool Level


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